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March 2017

higher education tax credits

What Are the Tax Benefits of Higher Education?

Pursuing higher education can provide you with tax benefits that help offset the money you owe if either you, your...

Stock market index

Markets Stumble. What Does Data Say?

Last week, all four of the indexes we discuss in these market updates saw their performance stumble. The S&P 500 lost...

bullish percent indicator

Market Exhale or Correction? Defensive Shift

The Bullish Percent for the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange-BPNYSE) reversed down into a “column of O’s” at 62% on Wednesday....

Interest Rate Chart

Fed Raises Interest Rates Again

For the fifth time in six weeks, domestic stock indexes ended last week in positive territory. The S&P 500 gained 0.24%,...

income tax refunds

Get a Refund with These Tax Credits

Do you understand the two kinds of tax credits and how they impact your tax refunds? Knowing the difference can save...

Will the Fed raise interest rates?

Will the Fed Increase Interest Rates?

On Wednesday, March 1, the three major domestic indexes all had their best performance in 2017 and reached record highs yet...