The Alphavest Questionnaire

Which Alphavest portfolio is right for you?

To help us make the best possible recommendation, we need to know about you: your investment goals, your current and projected financial situation, your risk tolerance level, and other pertinent information.

This information-gathering is brief, but essential – it will take less than five minutes.

As soon as you submit the questionnaire, you will be shown detailed information about the model/portfolio best suited to your objectives.

Please answer all questions, and be assured that all info provided to Alphavest is held in strict confidence and will not be shared with any third party, under any circumstances.

Step 1 of 8: A Few Basics

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Step 2 of 8: Your Age

Step 3 of 8: Future Earnings

In the next five years, you expect that your earned income will probably:

Step 4 of 8: Liquidity Constraints

You anticipate the need to withdraw what portion of your portfolio’s value within the next five to ten years to meet a financial goal such as starting a business, purchasing real estate, college education funding, travel or retirement funding?

Step 5 of 8: Investment Approach

Which of the following statements best describes your overall approach to investing as a means of achieving your goals?

Step 6 of 8: Volatility

The value of most investments fluctuates from year to year as well as over the short term. How would you feel if an investment you had committed to for ten years lost 20% of its value during the first year?

Step 7 of 8: Household Income

Total earnings, which includes earned and investment income, is a requirement when assessing your risk tolerance and determining allocation of assets. What is your total annual household income (including interest and tax deferred income)?

Final Step: Living Expense

Given interruptions of periodic income or other unforeseen circumstances, some individuals are forced to tap their investment resources to meet living expenses. In such an instance, how many months of living expenses could be covered by your current liquid investments?

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