Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Applications built for everyone.

  • Investors

    Investors today are overwhelmed by information, advice, emotion and data. This burden makes confident investing impossible.

    At Alphavest, our focus is on an objective, rules-based investment strategy.
    We know what works, we proactively pay attention to key investment indicators, and we manage assets with objectivity.

    Emotion is out, logic is in.

    Alphavest’s Dynamic Investment Models leverage streaming, global data and historically proven research, lending creative investment solutions and minimizing downside risks and lending creative investment solutions that produce consistent Alpha.

    Alphavest’s models are actively and tactically managed, ranging from extremely aggressive to moderate to conservative and are designed for short, medium and long-term investors.

    Utilizing a basic tactical approach to your investment strategy, such as those employed by Alphavest, you could have increased, possibly doubled your investment returns since 2000 as opposed to having lost money in the broken “buy and hold” method.

  • Employers

    The days when a 401k advisor would come onsite with far too many options, far too much jargon and too few real answers are over. The social bond that companies make with their employees requires superior stewardship and resources.

    The Alphavest 401k investment approach is based on time-tested, data-driven strategies that seek to outperform their benchmarks in every market, created for all types of investors — aggressive to conservative, short-term to long-term.

    When it comes to your company’s 401k plan, we employ the same rigorous, disciplined approach (rules-based not emotion-driven strategy) to enable your plans to participate in the upsides of the market and then to reposition when market swings reverse or opportunities arise elsewhere.

    Unlike traditional brokerage houses, stockbrokers, money managers or financial planners, Alphavest provides 100% objective decision-making that is fee-only. Commissions are not — and never will be — the way we do business.

  • Advisors

    For female advisors today, the demands of the industry are increasing and we’re not advancing. Family and lifestyle suffer while our male advisors continue to flourish and outnumber us by more than 3 to 1.

    If you’ve not considered a move to the Investment Advisory FIDUCIARY side of the Advisory world–let us help you see how to bridge the gap from brokerage/commissions to Fiduciary Fee-Only. Payouts range from 50-70%, a generous start towards a pathway to get from A to B.

    Alphavest is here to help female advisors take opportunity with the greatest transformation of wealth–2/3rd of all assets transferred by 2030 will be woman controlled. This represents a tripling of the current $1T in wealth controlled by women in less than a decade. Those women of new, existing and inherited wealth want to work with women. Overwhelming, they need our help. In a conflicts-of-interest FREE, FIDUCIARY capacity.

    Being a stock picker may not be your thing. Buy and Hold rhetoric had investors in the market too long during the crash and on the sidelines during the recovery. Yet, market timing is too tricky, too emotion-based. Clients are looking for a fresh approach that’s results driven, impervious to market swings and volatility.

    We not only offer in-house curated investment models, managed with long-term track records, we also offer access to the market’s most attractive ETF’s and mutual funds. Stocks and bonds–those, too. Each Alphavest model is built around a particular investing strategy with discipline rules-based methodology—such as our Buffett-esque Equity Income model to our Bull-Bear Tactical model. Cutting edge data on our models is at your fingertips that will aide you in offering rarely found ETF based 401k plans to discussing a Roth IRA with a new investor. Stock Models–we have those too.

    Want to create your own models and customize your client’s portfolios? You will have research access from our partners at YCHarts, NASDAQ and Morningstar, to name a few.

    Our Dynamic Investment Allocations–think Aggressive to Conservative and those in between– will match to any and all client risk profiles and leverage streaming, global data and historically proven research, lending creative investment solutions and seeking to minimizing downside risks that produce consistent Alpha.

    Most of Alphavest’s models and allocations are actively and tactically managed, ranging from extremely aggressive to moderate to conservative and are designed for short, medium and long-term investors.

    Models. Allocations. Customized or automated. Your Choice.  AND, custodian agnostic.

    Profit Share, 401k and health benefits add to our hefty compensation scale.

    If you’re a female advisor and are interested in taking the next step towards more time and money in your life–more Perfect Days, let’s set up a time to talk details, needs and fit.

    Take a look HERE at what’s next for Female Advisors at Alphavest.

The Liberated Investor Guidebook

Whether you choose Alphavest or not—Our founder and author of The Liberated Investor Guidebook want you to know.

The Liberated Investor Guidebook will provide you with practical advice and recommendations to help you understand the game and play it better.

Download the Guidebook here


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