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Helen “Cokie” Cox is Founder and CEO of Alphavest, a leading provider of Female-only, Fee-only, investment management solutions.

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Dear investor,

You’ve made my day! Not a day goes by that my goal of growing the Liberated Investor “Tribe” gets any less passionate. Thank you for being a big part of making it a reality.

Ever feel paralyzed by Wall Street’s games or just feel taken advantage of by an investment advisor? Since going independent in 2008, it’s clear to me that many investors are seeking simple solutions in order to gain confidence that their hard earned investments are in the right place. In today’s market, there’s good news and bad news:

The good news: You’re not alone–AND you’re well on your way to liberating yourself from the emotions of market volatility and the pervasive conflicts of interest in portfolios across the world. And, with the emergence of “Robo” Investment platforms, low fee options are now outpacing the antiquated ways of what I call “Big Brokerage.”

The bad news: The market’s ups and downs will most certainly continue and the desire for investors to side-step double digit investment losses that typically occur every 3–6 years, will never wane. Further, while the market share of “Big Brokerage” firms is declining, in favor of these “Robo” options, the issue of conflicts of interest and lazy investment management (ie refusing to evaluate simple market risk metrics in favor of investor wealth protection) is unfortunately a part of Robo investing.

Investing today is being driven by a model leveraging campaigns of media disinformation, fear, ignorance about the investment game, and motivation of Wall Street to create remarkable profits for itself. Investors themselves are held hostage by a financial system in which they are taught to participate in, but not master. It’s time for investors to get Liberated.


Cokie Berenyi
Founder and President

PS: Since 1996 Ive been helping investors just like you invest with confidence. Join the Liberated Investor movement today and see if Alphavest is a good fit for you.


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