Noise: “Gold is going to 1900 again before 1200.”

Data: 1150 was reached in June this year. (Gold is now at 1350, a far cry from 1900)

Noise: “Gold should be at least 5-10% of your portfolio at all times.”

Data: Gold is off -21% YTD in 2013. (Not exactly the performance I would’ve wanted 10% of my assets invested in)

Data update: Gold’s sector status has moved a whopping 37 slots to rank as the #4 Favored Sector (Thanks, Dorsey Wright for your help in quieting the noise).

Data Update: Commodities (Gold, inclusive) are still ranked LAST on the asset class scale.

While Gold stocks show improvement, we will hold fast to our rules and stay on the sidelines for all but our most aggressive model, AV200.

Are your investments governed by rules? If not, make one rule today: Hire a rules based advisor to protect your hard earned investment dollars. Ask your advisor today for his/her rules of investing.

If your a DIY investor, create rules to live by, TODAY–The Liberated Investor Tool Kit can help. Don’t be guilty of “bad investor behavior.”