Being at this year’s event was both an honor and a relief. Having won last year’s CEO category felt very undeserved–as a result I was inspired to act.

Relief came as we launched at this year’s event The site simply houses a downloadable Free Tool Kit that I hope to make good on my 2012 award of “influence.” My wish is that it will not only influence investors of all kinds, but other investment advisors and Wall Street, too. It’s a Movement that I hope influences and inspires many to act and become Liberated Investors.

It has become ever-clear to me that investors feel frustrated by Wall Street’s games and feel held hostage to what I call “Big Brokerage.”

It was an honor to meet and chat with this year’s CEO winner, Cindy Burbage, of American Heritage Ambulance. She has already left an influential mark on our community and continues to do so, daily, with her staff and company motto of Honor, Integrity and Commitment.

Further honor came with treasured clients and friends at my side and the time to mingle with other successful business women in my community. Molly Greene issued an inspiring Water Missions International ( update; I will now eliminate candy purchases at Easter with her announcement that in the US “we” spend $2B in candy purchases…and how much in safe water procurement??? UGH!

“We WOMEN in Business” are a proud group—but a group that has far to go. The way I see it, if we all continue on the yellow brick road of philanthropic-influential-high integrity filled endeavors then we are already successes.

Want to be INFLUENTIAL yourself, today, now? Go to and JOINT THE MOVEMENT and let’s RIGHT-SIZE Wall Street one click at a time.