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In: Liberated Investor Tool Kit

Time on your Hands? Make the most of it!

At Alphavest our mission is to empower you as an investor. In these uncertain times, we do that by teaching you...

Ladies: Put Yourselves 1st this Labor Day

Women–the Great Multitaskers  

Even Bill Gross Hires An Investment Advisor

Forget about the gym membership and pledges to not text while driving and to eat less carbs. While all of these...

Why Your Financial Planning Checklist for 2014 Won’t Matter, Part 1

The year is now half over.  Was your goal this year to complete a financial planning checklist for 2014?  First on...

Weekly Post: Why NOT to Trade Your Own Account

Dow tops 16,000 and S&P 1,800….to buy or not to buy, that is the question. An MSN poll suggests mixed answers...

Weekly Post: Why NOT to Trade Your Own Account

Government shutting down in T-Minus 8 days Gold ETF advertisements everywhere: Investors beware! 5S iPhone fingerprint scanner hacked 2 days after...

Weekly Post: Top 3 Reasons Not To Trade Your Own Account

FOMC meetings/announcements (TODAY!) Buy and Hold rhetoric EVERYWHERE Apple: 52 week high $705, today $460 We’ve got you traded.  

Top 3 Reasons to NOT Trade Your Own Account (Week 2)

Syria Apple NOISE If you’re going to DIY—NA (Not Advised), then GL (Get Liberated).  

Top 3 Reasons To NOT Trade Your Own Investments

NASDAQ trading halted. NASDAQ trading halted. NASDAQ trading halted. More reasons to follow….  

Liberated Investors CAN win on Wall Street

Great article exposing Wall Street’s tricks as we are working so hard to do at Unite and LIBERATE–how? Quiet the...