During the month of October, I’ll be breaking down many of the questions you have regarding where the market is now and where it’s going. I’ll also talk about the financial things that frighten you the most, and how to adjust your perspective so your fears settle and you can remain locked into hope. Let’s start and end October STRONG!

What Investors Need to Know. NOW.

October Series: What Scares you the Most:

Week 1: Get your 3 YR and 10 Yr buckets FILLED. #And add a dose of peace to offset volatile financial headlines.


Week 2: What’s In Your Portfolio. Investors Beware!

Bonds are are 50 year highs due to low interest rates. That could cost you a year, or several years of retirement if you’re invested in bonds. Tune in and lets discuss risk, the TAPER word, and what you need in your 3 YR bucket. Become a Liberated Investor and learn how you can have a prudent investment strategy that works! Need to know now, sign up