The IRS has a variety of online tools available to help you streamline and clarify the tax-filing process. From apps to videos and more, you can access a variety of tools for free. Here is a list of helpful resources.

Use the IRS App: You can find a variety of helpful resources, such as paying your refund, by downloading the official IRS app, IRS2Go.

IRS online tax toolsAsk Tax Questions: Find the answers you need by using Interactive Tax Assistant and the IRS Tax Map.

Track Refund Status: You can check your refund status by using the tool, “Where’s My Refund?

Check Earned Income Credit Eligibility: The IRS tool, EITC Assistant, can help you identify whether you’re eligible to receive earned income credits.

Pay Account Online: You can pay any money you owe to the IRS by checking out its payment options.

Other details may apply, and you can find more information on the IRS website.

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