Cokie’s in hurricane mode. Are you?

The office is being boarded up in preparation for Hurricane Irma, but, here at Alphavest, we’ve always got you managed –good markets or bad, good weather or bad, office opened or closed. Is the same true with your hard-earned savings?

Evacuating? You’ve packed up and thought of everything. But what about that 401(k) left behind three years ago at your former employer? Or, are you a DIY investor with a ton of Apple stock and worrying you won’t be able to sell it in a pinch should we have a market sell off?

Let us help. While you have loved ones and prized possessions first on your hurricane evacuation and preparedness list, let us put your hard-earned dollars first on our list. Let us eliminate some worry, saving you stress during the next hurricane or the next market downturn.

We’ve given to the Red Cross. Now, we want to give directly to you. Have you been affected by either Hurricane Harvey in Texas or Hurricane Irma on the East Coast? Evacuation and storms of this magnitude are costly, both to our bank accounts and our productivity, which means lost dollars and cents from your bottom line. We can give you one less thing to worry about: prudent, low-fee management of your investments.

For more than 20 years, Cokie has been in financial services, data mining away about what keeps investors up at night. Overwhelmingly common, to small and large investors alike, is the torment of assets/accounts “left behind.” It might be Aunt Jean’s inheritance or, more commonly, an old 401(k) or retirement plan account that only comes to mind when markets are selling off and you feel like you need to take action.

Take action today (or next week when you’re back at your to-do list!) and let Alphavest take on the costs for six months. Alphavest is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, — hurricane territory for sure ” — so we are very sympathetic to the plight of everyone affected by any storm at any time of the year..” Berenyi said.

Not ready to make a move just yet? We’ll meet you half way: Alphavest will make available our asset tracking tool, Alpha-Track™ for FREE. Typically only offered to our clients. Alpha-Track™ gives you one-stop access to all your financial accounts and your investments with one login and passcode. So, no more leaving a variety of passcodes behind and being unable to access your accounts. Email us for instant enrollment and get all your accounts organized in one easy-to-access spot on your smartphone, tablet or computer.