Congress Gets 13% Approval Rating: REALLY? Ok, so we are in the middle of creating a Liberated (investing) Movement at the moment, but that must go on hold….for 120 seconds, okay maybe a day. The Movement du jour is “QUIT PARTICIPATING IN THESE REDICULOUS POLLS Movement.” 13% Congress Approval rating? Says who? The spouses and/or children of these “hard working” civil servants? They must be the ones voting as they are the only who stand to gain from such ridiculousness (is that a word?) For they stand to inherit all the ‘hard earned’ money their highly overpaid and greatly underworked parent or spouse is able to sock away.

Harsh, perhaps, but these polls must stop. Who cares that Obama’s ratings have dropped to 37%, Republicans ratings are at record lows and the Democrats have dipped to 47%—Really? CONGRESS: JUST GET YOUR JOB DONE. What we should really care about is that Congress has seen no sequesters. Congress is exempt from Obamacare. Congress is free to do what they wish, even go on vacation, drive cars that cost more than the wages of the millions of sequestered employees and enjoy employee benefits a small 1% of Americans receive. Now that’s a percentage to look at (okay, so I made it up, but its more reliable and relevant than Congress approval ratings: THAT I will stake my reputation on).

What we should really worry about is that an overwhelmingly high percentage of Congress admit to honoring their political agenda versus what they think is best for the country. Switzerland, anyone, I hear the political environment is quite nice?

OH, here’s another stat; the market was up over 2% yesterday. Now that you can do something with (I hope anyway). So, make sure you are participating in the market—and NOT participating in these ridiculous polls, because when Gallup starts reporting 13% Congress Approval (remembering the spouses and children have the incentive to vote), 20% Disapproval and 67% ABSTAINED FROM VOTING maybe we can then begin ready more newsworthy events like 16 year old Malala champions the education of women.

Will you write your Congressman/woman and ask them if they put their political agenda ahead of the best interests of the country? “The People” demanding more—that’s a stat I’d like to see rise…..