Are you an investor being held hostage by a “Big Brokerage”?

Did you know only 6% of advisors are truly independent from Big Brokerage, making them the only legitimate source of objective investment advice, that is, unbiased to particular products or services? These are fee-only advisors – meaning they don’t sell anything.

Rule #1
Want to be truly liberated? Find a Fee-Only planner for starters – this way, you’ll never be sold anything ever again – and especially not something that puts a fat commission in the advisor’s pocket. A Fee-Only planner will also ensure a fiduciary standard that no other financial advisor can attest to. How? Go to for a professional in your area.

Rule #2
Don’t be fooled – “Fee-Based” is NOT the same as Fee-Only.

Rule #3
Don’t give in to bigger = better. Simply rid yourself of the idea that you have to be a big, substantial account to (a) have your fees lowered or (b) get attention from your advisor.

Rule #4
Find an advisor that offers the same rate to everyone and that manages all accounts at one time versus offering optimum investments or timing to larger accounts.

Rule #5
Ask for fee schedules and find an advisor who will offer a flat fee for all levels of assets. If you don’t find it, ask the advisor you want for that pricing.

Rule #6
Lastly, find an advisor who has an unwaveringly disciplined investment methodology with a strong foundation in data/facts and NOT analytical opinion (which is mostly flawed by emotion).

Rule #7
Buy and hold is dead; long gone are the days (like 2008) when investors were told to hold on, and that their investments will come back. They lost as much as 20+% in conservative bond mutual funds. Find an advisor who subscribes to a tactical approach and not buy and hold.

Join the investor movement. LIBERATE yourself from conflicts of interest, excessive fees and poor advice.