Charleston, SC – July 16, 2013 –Helen “Cokie” Berenyi, founder and CEO of, Most Influential CEO Woman In Business for 2012 announces launch at 2013 Women in Business event .

Inspired by the winning the award last year, Berenyi sought to honor the title by creating a major impact in the investment management industry. The site offers a kit that is a free manual offered as a public service to anyone who wants an insider’s perspective on the financial services industry, and is accompanied with tools to help liberate investors. The kit is free and can be downloaded at:

The Liberated Investor Tool-Kit is a manual for all investors that dispels industry rumors and reveals many of the ways the financial services industry exploits investors. While not popular with the advisor community riled by the polarizing nature of the subject matter, The Liberated Investor Tool-Kit has been hailed as a valuable resource to educate investors, dispel industry myths and enhance investor confidence.

“As a winner of last year’s title I was inspired to act”, said Berenyi, “Most investors feel frustrated by Wall Street’s games and feel held hostage to Big Brokerage. The Liberated Investor Tool-Kit teaches investors how that game is played and what can be done about it.”

About Alphavest
Berenyi founded Alphavest as an investment management solution for individuals, aggressive to conservative and long term to short term, as well as organizations seeking better-managed 401(k) options for their employees. Alphavest paves the way toward Liberated Investing™, with lower fees and logically, dynamically managed portfolios.

About Helen “Cokie” Berenyi
Berenyi is a Certified Financial Planner Practitioner and a 1995 graduate of Clemson University with a Bachelor of Science in Financial Management and a Minor in Accounting. The headquarters for is located in Charleston, SC. For more information, visit or call 1-855-GoAlpha.