I completed the Kendall Mountain half marathon last month in Silverton, CO.

Athletes or not: CHECK IT OUT: Kendall Mountain Run

A 6 mile straight up to the summit of Kendall Mountain at 13,066 feet and a round trip of about 7,500 vertical feet proffered many interesting people and amazing athletes. A feat that took me almost 4.5 hours to do – so, needless to say, those hours gave me many reflections that apply to both athletes and investors alike.

Tune in for a 5-part blog series that reveals the investment ideas of the Kendall Mountain Race:

1. Marathon Runners Need Not Apply
2. Excess Baggage—To cut or Not to cut, that is the question
3. I Won (almost last place)–I FINISHED STRONG!
4. Confident NOT Cocky
5. Its time to upgrade your “Equipment”

I find that there are always lessons to be learned when you’ve worked hard for something (summitting/finishing the Race), are passionate about an endeavor, and when you have time to reflect (a 4.5 hour race!) the good, bad and the ugly – especially if outdoors. So, this 5-part blog series will simply recap some investing analogies that jumped out at me over the course of the Kendall Mountain Run on Saturday.

Above is a taste of what’s to come, but know this; above all, feeling confident and having the proper tools to complete a race ( AKA the investing race) is enough–Finishing the race strong, with a good experience along the way is a bigger “win” than being first over the finish line. No investor ever finishes “first.” Every investor’s race is personal, and boy has Wall Street made it personal. Let’s reclaim the investing race by getting Liberated from the games of Wall Street and break free. If you can create a confident path, filled with good experiences then you can win the money/investing race – winning is never easy, but always Liberating!

I am not a huge runner, so finishing the Kendall Mountain Run STRONG and with a good experience was what I sought. Many people traveled long and far to run the race—and most were pretty experienced runners. However inexperienced I was, I had a leg up on many; I completed the race course on Tuesday, 4 days before the race. So, I knew what to expect. The 2.5 hours it took me to get to the summit were peace-filled with not much pain; I knew how to pace myself, I had a plan and I was properly equipped. Not true for many others who raced too face and didn’t know what was in store for them at each switchback. A confident Investment strategy/plan that allows for peace and no pain equals winning the race. I finished the race STRONG—SO CAN YOU!

Start your investment training today and forge down the path to being a Liberated Investor Today!