unnamedYou’ve gotta smile when a woman with a drill shows up to board up the office. I told her she could grace my doors any day! With that, the office was boarded up (thank you Poston &Co!) and we worked yesterday by LED and no sunshine despite the beautiful day that Charleston, SC delivered.

We have NOT yet decided to close the office next week, but should we do so, we will notify you by email and social media channels.

Our Atlanta team and the Folio Virgina offices will be able to handle any needs that may arise over the next few days, should we be forced to close the office. With #Irma’s pivot, in a odd spin of events, the Atlanta office may need our support here in Charleston, TBC.

Storms are finicky that way—not unlike markets and teenagers (I find myself a Malcolm Gladwell 2X expert at both with my 20k+ hours in, yet struggling daily at one…ahem, with portfolios up double digits YTD its not markets!). I digress.

Here’s some more sunshine; I want to share some Facebook words from bestselling author and super-blogger (thought leader, political activist, the list goes on) of Momastery Glennon Doyle as she evacuated Florida to avoid Irma’s path;

“…Irma is going to hit Florida tonight. By all accounts, it’s going to be bad. People will get hurt. Some might die. Homes built out of love and sacrifice will be destroyed. The waters will rise.


It will also be good. People will help each other. Doctors and nurses will risk their own lives to heal their neighbors. First responders from all over the country will rush toward the destruction to save strangers. People will be gentle with each other, feed each other at shelters, hold each other’s babies, cry together. Folks will be especially tender with children and the elderly. Nobody, but nobody will ask about each other’s politics. None of that will matter in the wake of Irma. You’ll see. We will remember that we belong to each other. It will be terrible. And it will be beautiful.

Florida: The waters will rise, but so will we.

First the pain. Then the rising….” Glennon Doyle via Facebook

It is a treasure that we have the power of choice and the ability to find human, compassionate commonalities in the wreckage of Harvey, Irma (with Jose closely behind, a Category 4) and step aside from the politics. Join me in that. Make good choices I tell my teenagers. Exhale.

Back to biz:  Alphavest will keep you informed should we decide to close the offices next week.  The Atlanta and Virginia teams will be available to assist and we will be communicating with clients contact information should you need assistance during a closure. YOU WILL HEAR FROM US if we close.

Know this; the @NYSE (markets) doesn’t care about Irma or Harvey or Jose—markets and world markets alike will go on, despite. You can breathe easy that #We’veGotYouManaged. We do. That’s why you’re on board—you have one less thing to worry about while you’re worrying about what you’re good and and what truly matters; hearth and home.

Another 5 minutes from our boarded up office to your home:2

God Bless, be safe,