In 2008 the world witnessed how fragile our financial framework really is and the fallout was stupendous. Investors lost upwards of 40% and federal bailouts were called for and approved. The Occupy Wall St. people took to the streets and the world economy came to a screeching halt as America held its’ breath.

We survived. But what came to light was how incredibly flawed Wall St.’s model really is and how harmful those flaws are for investors.

In fact, what came to the surface was that investors are held captive by a model that leverages noise from the media, fear and ignorance about the investment game, and the motivation of Wall St. to create remarkable profits for itself. What became quite clear is that investors are held hostage by a system that they are taught to participate in but not to master.

Are you wondering if anything has really changed? Is your 401k plan going to recover in time? Are you fed up being a pawn in someone else’s game?

You’re not alone.

Thousands of investors like you have had to overcome their fear and press onward into the markets to regain their losses. But to do it, they’ve had to get smarter about the game and liberate themselves from the mindset and limitations of Wall St.’s model.

I have created a solution to Liberate Investors of all ages and investors large and small–a guide that exposes Wall Street’s games and unveils 5 steps to breaking free from those games. PS the guide is FREE.

Are you wondering how you can do any of the following?

Lower the fees you’re paying.
Be active and responsive with your investing instead of passive or reactionary.
Respond to the market instead of sitting on the sidelines.
Reduce the conflicts of interest between you and your broker.
Make sure your advisor has your best interests at heart.

The Liberated Investor Guide will provide you with practical advice and recommendations to help you understand the game and play it better. Get liberated.