Great article exposing Wall Street’s tricks as we are working so hard to do at

Unite and LIBERATE–how? Quiet the NOISE. What noise? Its all around you. Anything that dings at your investing confidence is NOISE.

RIGHT NOW, the market is situated for the most bullish line-up possible: US Stocks #1 and International Stocks #2 on the asset class scale. This is a tide you shouldn’t swim against. Will the tide change, yes–talk to an Alphavest advisor today to understand how and when to its time to swim the other way.

A prospective client, and he’s not alone, confessed yesterday that he sold everything last fall when the woes of Obamacare and the Fiscal Cliff were the headliners—AND? He and the other hundreds of thousands of other investors who feel alone in their struggle to win the Final Jeopardy round with “Retirement-Investing” as the category—how did they fare in their Jeopardy wager of going to cash last Fall? They have missed, easily 10%+ in market value. Because of the NOISE. Don’t wager on emotion or Noise—wager on data and disciplined rule-based investing.

Liberated Investing doesn’t happen overnight—either does quieting the Noise. Start today. Your hard earned dollars deserve it.