Game On: This Is Where We Shine – Did I Say That Already This Week? YES, I Believe So.

This is Called ALPHA 

You’re going to be hearing that word a lot as we continue to add alpha and outperform.  While markets are off another 2% this week and down about 8% YTD, Alpha is where it’s at.

Why are we patting ourselves on the back during these horrible markets?

Yes, it’s self serving – but also, we do it because investors need to know that Wall Street and “big brokerage” advisors will tell you to buy and hold, and to not to “look at your statements at times like this.”

Instead, we get to say, while you are watching the evening news tonight, with the Dow and S&P down 2-3%, today alone, that your account is outperforming; this week and this year. And we’d reassure you that a down market doesn’t necessarily mean losses in your account.

How you may ask? ALPHA.

We Think That a Picture Says a Thousand Words:


Our beloved Hedge Model, as you’ll see above, is up over 14% YTD with fees, compared to the S&P’s losses of -5% thru yesterday. While we’re not willing to give up the secret sauce of our Hedge Model, let’s just say that cash and oil are our friends. This fund is how we deliver Alpha to our clients.

Care to worry less about the Friday night news’ rendition of market woes? Get Alpha in your portfolio.

Jump in, the water’s warm!