Investment Ideas from an Athlete-Investor’s Trek to the Top
Marathon Runners Need Not Apply (1 of 5):

See my intro to this 5-part series in my previous blogs, but a few words in case you dont want to: I just completed the Kendall Mountain half marathon this weekend in Silverton, CO


This feat took me almost 4.5 hours to complete—so, needless to say, those hours gave me to to reflect on a few analogies that apply to both athletes and investors alike.

Marathon Runners Need Not Apply (1 of 5):

I have often said in my 17 year’s of advising aspiring investors, “Marathon runners need not apply (to me for investing advice).” Meaning, if investors had the same sort of discipline that marathoners possess to train and successfully complete a marathon, then most of their investing battle would be won.

At Saturday’s Kendall Mountain race I was surrounded by such intense discipline and passion, I couldn’t help but ponder for a few hours how much I love that saying, and how true yet untrue the saying really is.

Discipline….to a rules-based investment strategy, as is true with discipline in any marathon-training schedule, solves half of the success equation. The other half requires REMOVING EMOTION from the investment process (ALA removing the mental anguish of the .2 of the 26.2). Easier said than done, yes. I do, in fact, have marathon runners who are clients—mostly because they realize that the remainder of the equation—removing the emotion, is much harder than running up and down Kendall Mountain at a base elevation of 9,318 feet.

So, you marathon runners out there, and of course all of you investors that can adhere to a disciplined approach: Get on board with your investment strategy/plan TODAY. Too many investors are paralyzed by the idea of managing their own money for fear of mistake, or fear of being taken advantage of with Wall Street’s games. Buy and Hold, Active Investing, Portfolio Management, Investment Theory – there is so much to distract you. There is so much noise. And there is truth to these fears, but there is no need to be held hostage to them. For starters, you could’ve thrown a dart over the last 12 months and earned 15+% on your investments. Furthermore, Wall Street is getting more and more transparent and there are tools and information out there to combat your investing insecurities. Do you feel held hostage to yourself or Big Brokerage when it comes to your investments?Download this FREE ebook that will offer 5 strategies to break free.

You need to walk before you can run, so get started with a disciplined, low-cost, emotion-free investment plan, TODAY—marathoner or not, the race is yours to WIN!