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As mentioned in our Q2 Newsletter posted last week, #3 spot on the Asset Scale, International equities, had a strong Q1 bounce back resulting in challenging Bonds/Fixed Income for the #2 spot.  As you may recall, Bonds dethroned International from the #2 spot, mid-December 2014, after an almost 2 year reign in the #2 position.  Well, as of this week, Bonds have too, been dethroned.  International equities, yet again, has regained its #2 spot on the Asset Scale.

So what now?  Thankfully, we didn’t “throw out the baby with the bath water” in December when International slid to the #3 position.  We held a 6-10% position, and that has helped returns, slightly.  As a result of this week’s change, we have increased that exposure to 9-15% across all portfolios (still an underweight postion percentage).  As we get further confirmation of the widening of the gap between the #2 and #3 Asset Scale positions, we would look to increase our International exposure to as high as 35% in some models/accounts.

Our diversified International focus, as of today—which, as you know, changes quickly, includes the following regions/countries:

  • Emerging Asia Pacific
  • Developed and Emerging European regions
  • European Small caps
  • China
  • Russia

Our International models performance YTD:

  • Globe Trotters:   11.84%
  • International:    11.86%

Contact us if you have any questions!  Just remember:  We’ve got you managed.

As always, thank you for your feedback as we try to keep you updated on the market and your investment portfolios.



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