Recently, I was back in New York and had the opportunity to speak to Women In Nasdaq (WIN), which is a global organization of over 700 women of Nasdaq and also includes men. The week before I was interviewed by Jill Malandrino on #TradeTalks.

Nasdaq is the largest transactional exchange in the world of information, currency, and trading. And while I was there to promote my Everyday Everest Campaign and my personal fight to find a cure for cancer, I opened session with this question: What are you afraid of?

I was in one of the most powerful cities in the world speaking to a group of very powerful people, who were secure in their knowledge and understanding of our economy and its future, and yet my question to them had to do with being afraid in this age of uncertainty.

Someone immediately spoke up and said she was afraid of failure. While another person said she was afraid that her life would be void of real impact. This was interesting to me since she was in a position to have tremendous impact each day.

My Everyday Everest campaign is all about making an impact. It’s about taking the small tasks each of us confront and overcoming them every day to eventually accomplish big goals.

We all face obstacles in our lives that can feel as hard as my plan to scaling Mount Everest. But it just takes one step at a time to scale our personal mountains. People who are facing cancer understand that the summit in front of them can only be reached by taking one step at a time.

I was able to tell the women (and men) of WIN that by donating to Everyday Everest, they were taking a crucial step to help conquer cancer. Every dollar raised means we are closer to spreading awareness, funding research and education, and eventually finding a cure. Every dollar you give goes to Hollings Cancer Center. Here’s how you can become involved:  #Everyday Everest!