Financial/WINK-“What Investors Need to Know. NOW”: Week 4 of our 4-week series in October unpacking what’s holding you and your investment portfolio back—AKA, what scares you the most about investing.

This week: HOW to check the TRUST box with your advisor. Yes, there’s a website for it, thanks FINRA. Don’t miss this week’s broadcast on Trust, eliminating-YES-ELIMINATING conflicts of interest in your investment strategy, because YES, that IS scary.

Make and KEEP more money . . . then, more IMPACT. Then, more #perfectdays.

#AND “I majored in Finance so I wouldn’t get screwed” WAS the working title of Perfect Day (here, FREE:, but the publisher nixed it.

Last week’s WINK episode on getting UNSTUCK and saving $344k:

#AND: What will it cost you to spend 11 minutes on your financial future every week?

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