As humans, we all have our misgivings about rules. Waiting in line, flossing, exercise, etc.

But (like it or not) rules are really the guardrails of life. They keep us centered on reality. So why treat your money any differently? Shouldn’t your investment advisor be grounded by the rules of reality?

Investments are cyclical, and success is based on the rules of the market and timing. To be fruitful, you need guidance that can see through the emotions that drive so much of the market. A well defined “rule book”, governed by the prudent law of supply and demand, wins out over an emotional and typically overconfident and reactionary approach to managing your investments.

People are great. But data-based facts, and advice based on supply and demand, are better.

The inevitable ups and downs of the market produces nothing but fear, greed, hope and pride – emotions which you can’t cash in at the bank.

Let’s talk about your formula for investing success. And the rules to help you get there.