Greetings from Nepal—my “reset” is almost complete, and I look forward to being back in the States soon. I know many of you have seen the power and efficiency of my Team in my absence; join me in thanking them!

That said, wanted to update you on markets since I stepped away—

For the most part, our tactical models are still quite conservative and are underperforming the market rebound, on a one-month basis, yet, since I departed 10/23/22, have performed neck-and-neck with the S&P 500; yet important to note that on volatile days like yesterday, these tactical models are doing their job and offering a safe place to battle the big down days.

You will further see that our Strategic Models, which comprise the majority of your portfolio are performing better than the market in all 3-time scenarios. Here’s some reassurance: even though we still don’t have great clarity for future months, given continued inflation woes, tight mid-terms and higher rates, our combined allocations are —

Tactical Models:                 1-Month     Since 10/23  Yesterday (11/09/22)
Liberated Investor Stock:    +1.69%      +1.59%        -0.68%
Liberated Investor Core:     +2.83%      +2.05%        -0.82%
Bull/Bear:                            +1.10%      +2.03%        -0.84%
S&P 500:                            +5.27%       +2.06%       -2.08%

Strategic Models:
Equity Income:                    +9.18%      +4.33%        -1.48%
Managed Growth:               +7.77%      +5.73%        -1.47%
S&P 500:                            +5.27%       +2.06%       -2.08%

Mountains teach me much about markets, life, and joy. While the view from the top is magnificent—it’s a lot of hard work and pain, often, in getting there. 

I hope you gleen that with tactical efforts, guaranteed notes and a Team that is here to serve and know your every need, from risk management to time sensitive estate matters, the expedition is one we will be successful at, together.