Confused as to whether or not you should covert your IRA to a Roth IRA? You and everybody else. No one in the financial arena seems willing to take a stand on the topic. Understandably, however—the math can be tricky, but with most things financial, in order to succeed, you need to research your options thoroughly, and make some calculated decisions—based on future assumptions.

It’s the future that no one wants to guess about; taxes and investment returns—what’s going to happen? We guess about the future and the best decisions to make in life often, in fact, you do it every day. In traffic, which line to pick in the grocery store (the longest usually moves quicker in my experience☺), what to wear in case it rains later—you get the gist. And, yes, none of these examples affects your retirement income—I get the difference. The point is not everyone is going to be right, but for those who don’t take a stab and should’ve : GREAT OPPORTUNITY will be lost. What opportunity? The opportunity to not pay taxes in the future; that’s big in my book. Isn’t just about anything worth the chance to pay the government $10 less in taxes—and for some of you, the figure could be $100,000 less in taxes. OF COURSE IT IS. So here it is, I’m going out on a limb (If the shoe fits, CONVERT YOUR IRA, TODAY!):

Are you:

  • Under 50?
  • Earning over $100,000 (single or household total)?
  • Thinking taxes are going up for you in the next 1-10 years?
  • Of the belief that you need to invest in order to retire (IE: you own mutual funds or ETF’s or stocks and bonds or at least think you should)?

If you answered yes to all of the above: CONVERT, ASAP! The deadline is 12/31.

All others that don’t fit the above, send me an email—I’ll still let you pin me down.