On March 9, the stock market hit its 11th year in the longest Bull-Market run in history. Now, days later, all major market indices are considered in “bear market” status with losses at or greater than 20% from their peaks. You may be asking: “Where will this end, and what should I think?”

Some weeks ago, I began this newsletter with “The story behind 2019.” THAT story is long over. The current story is, of course, COVID-19 or the coronavirus along with the political landscape and perhaps a looming recession..

Some states have essentially ‘closed’ due to containment of this virus, countries have closed, Italy for one, and this week we saw markets halted due to sharp sell-offs. What most gained in 2019, for most investors, has fallen away this past month. By now you’ve discounted your double-digit returns from 2019 and are wondering what’s in store financially and perhaps humanly from a world perspective. Read more.