Muriel “Mickie” Seibert was a tremendous inspiration early on in my career and pioneered the very movement that motivates and inspires me this very day. Creating Liberated Investors is what Mickie began executing so long ago; first in 1975 when she initiated negotiated commissions, on the floor of the exchange, at the first moment such trades were permissable (a-hem, Liberated tool #1 eliminate excessive fees from your account), followed by developing the “Siebert Personal Finance Program: Taking Control of Your Financial Future,” a financial education program that teaches basic financial skills to middle and high school students as well as adults. Respectfully, The Liberated Investor Tool Kitis version 3.0 of her program and I trust Mickie would approve. I KNOW she approved of my fight against the “good ole boy network” in 2009—she began her fight early and fought it often. WELL DONE, Ms. Seibert and thank you for blazing the trail ahead of me and the many other females in our industry.

Honor Ms. Seibert’s name and her mission forged so long ago—JOIN THE MOVEMENT. Demand better from Wall Street–SHE DID.

Prepare to be inspired by this exceptional individual’s life. Thank you Ms. Seibert, for the years of inspiration. Your legacy lives on.