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hobby vs profession

Tax Tip: Report Income Earned from a Hobby

Across the country, millions of people have passions they pursue on the side, earning money from their hobbies and interests. Even...

How to Amend Your Tax Returns

How to Amend Errors on Filed Tax Returns

Filing your taxes can be a complicated, cumbersome process. As a result, errors sometimes slip through and make it into the...

Gift taxes

Know What Makes a Gift Taxable

When you give gifts of property or money to people, you may need to pay a gift tax to the IRS....

Tax information

Tax Tip: Claiming Employee Business Expenses

As an employee, you may end up making out-of-pocket purchases to support your workplace responsibilities. When you do so, you may...

higher education tax credits

What Are the Tax Benefits of Higher Education?

Pursuing higher education can provide you with tax benefits that help offset the money you owe if either you, your...

income tax refunds

Get a Refund with These Tax Credits

Do you understand the two kinds of tax credits and how they impact your tax refunds? Knowing the difference can save...