Punxsutawney has spoken. No more winter. Does this mean the end of the market sell off and roses and butterflies in the offing? Not likely.

Its Groundhog Day. For most investors it means, only one month into 2016 your investments are down 5-12% for the year. Will lower markets continue? It’s time to be like Phil.

Remember the1993 flick Goundhog Day? Love me some home grown South Carolina Bill Murray and Andie McDowell–but I digress–if you’re not old enough to know the movie, it’s time, watch it, or at least this 5 minute clip.


Despite Punxsutawney Phil predicting spring has sprung today, I have visions of Phil Connors (Bill Murray) hitting the snooze button 12,395 times, day in, day out in Groundhog Day as I anticipate much of the same, day in, day out, with volatility, interest rates and markets this year and beyond.

Shake it off though, its time to harness the remaining 11 months of the year and make 2016 an investing success. It’s possible, and here’s how:

  1. Download The Liberated Investor eBook and take 12 whole minutes of your life to identify the 5 things that will give you a leg up on Wall Street this year.
  2. Own cash? Put 20-40% cash in your account, today. No gloom and doom, but here’s why you should own cash right now.
  3. If you manage your own investment account (how’s that working out for you?), seek a fee-only advisor in your area.  Make sure that this advisor does NOT preach Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) and does NOT show you a stale pie chart espousing “diversification.” Those are lazy advisors. Instead, find a fee-only advisor that already owns 20-40% cash in their portfolios and subscribes to a Dorsey Wright (look ’em up!) mentality.
  4. Invest in YOURSELF! Max-out any and all tax deferred savings vehicles BEFORE 4/15/16. Roth Eligible? Make a contribution. Kid going to college? Find the 529 that’s right for you. Self-employed? Contribute to a SEP and an HSA. Confused? go back to #3 and hire the right advisor.
  5. Relax, breathe, laugh and above all let’s toast The Groundhog, and World Peace today.

How does Groundhog Day end? How will your 2016 end? Be like Phil: the movie ends with Phil Connors having a life epiphany and he turns his life around by furthering his education, skills and general knowledge(ahem, see #1), and devotes time each day to help other people. Sounds like a great ending to me.