Game On: This Is Where We Shine.

As markets continue to get rockier and rockier, it’s important that we continue to wave the Liberated Investor flag.


Our Flag Stands for Flexibility

Flexibility to own what is performing in all markets but, also, shuns the stale, buy and hold, pie chart supported by Modern Portfolio Theory or MPT. Does MPT call for bonds or cash in a high-risk tolerance account? No, Absolutely Not.

The Power of Cash:

Our most aggressive model currently holds approximately 32% bonds and cash, and is short oil. You will not find a similar match at Merrill Lynch or Morgan Stanley—YOU JUST WONT. This Model’s performance is off less than half of what the S&P 500 is YTD, and outperforming by 5% over the past 3-months.

And, well, our conservative clients are even happier.

We may not always outperform quarterly or even annually, but we do know this; our clients would prefer to, at times, underperform in good markets and not participate in bad ones. Let’s face it, 2008 was not too long ago.

Our Flag Stands for Transparency and Fiduciary Responsibility


When you take a look under the hood of the car, you’ll find engine parts that I own in my portfolio; not a mutual fund that offers sub standard performance with nice trailing commissions offered to the broker/advisor.

Our Flag Stands for Freedom from the High Costs

Freedom from the high cost snares of Wall Street and Big Brokerage, and freedom from the guilt and shame that follows a day of market sell-off. The guilt of wondering—If only you could take action. If only you knew how.

The only action needed is to join us! Become a Liberated Investor today.

While the tone of this blog may come off as quite sales-y, my aim was to, truthfully, hit home to our clients that they are in a different position than most. It’s time that you all exhale, because we’ve got you managed.

Stay Tuned for the First Episode of ‘Quiet the Noise’

Our Vlog is a bi-weekly show that will engage and advise investors by distinguishing current media sound bytes that we deem “Market Noise” from actual media worthy, or “Not-So-Noisy,” content out there. Coming your way soon.