Just as you are an individual, so are your investments, and a smart investor wants to know the path you are taking will lead you safely where you want to go. No one wants to get lost on a side trail  that leads to the wrong destination!

Here are some things to consider as you think about what is best for you.

Think about how you want to invest in stocks

There are several ways to approach stock investing. I begin by listening to my clients. I don’t rush them through the time we spend together. I have had clients that say: “I’m the DIY type and am interested in choosing stocks and stock funds for myself.” But they are sitting in the chair in front of me asking for insight and wisdom into their portfolios.

Others say, “I know stocks can be a great investment, but I don’t want to do the wrong thing. I need someone to manage the process for me.” 

Once you have made your decision, then you are ready to move forward. I believe that there are far too many investors who are being held “captive” by Wall Street. They are losing up to 1/3 of their retirement savings to excessive fees while underperforming the market.

If you boil it all down, they are being taken advantage of and held hostage by Wall Street’s inherent conflicts of interests.

My 3rd edition of the Liberated Investor Guidebook offers you a solid plan that you can trust with a proven track record that will change the way you view the big players of Wall Street. I would advise you to download it (it’s free) and then consider setting up a 15-minute consult with me.

There’s nothing to lose and no commitment and no following up with robo-emails. You and I talk and then you decide what is best for you.

Why am I offering this? Because my passion is found in guiding people to a place of wealth and as much security as possible.

Ask yourself what you want most?

Each day, I speak with people who are overwhelmed with the idea of investing or opening the lid to look inside their investment accounts. It’s time to blow the dust off and take a real look at what you have.

Others tend to overwork their dreams for the future. Either they watch the market with great detail, or they go out to the driving range with the “hope” that what they have chosen is performing. 

I say: Find a way to let go of the worry—whether you are still trying to decide how to invest or if you already have made steps in the investment direction.

What do smart investors want?

• You want peace of mind. When you come away from a meeting with your advisor, you should think, I can trust that advice. If you don’t, then you need to look for an advisor that provides this sense of security for you. Advisors that are worthy of your trust offer balanced advice and lower fees without compromising quality investment management.

• You want to have confidence in an investment strategy that is really rooted in logic and not emotion. Emotion will lead you off course every time. Stick with logic and excellent planning.

• You want investment returns that are committed to capturing the market upside and avoiding downturns.

• You want “no conflict of interest” with a broker, advisor, or investments that pay advisors. You want to know that you are getting an excellent return for your investment of time and money.

• You want to see honest transparency. We hear that word tossed around a lot, but you know the difference. Today’s investors want a clear view of their investment portfolios, allocation classes, and any fees.

• You want an advisor that you can trust—one who is backed by a FINRA BrokerCheck background report. Caution: never enter into an engagement with an advisor until you have full disclosure of his or her background.

• You always should seek out an advisor that has your best in mind and one committed to keeping your investments on track to reach future goals and personal dreams.

Set a budget for your stock investment

A Chinese Proverb says, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is right now!”

New investors often have a primary question: How much money do I need to start investing? 

The amount of money you need varies. This can range from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars. The Liberated Investor model offers all investors—no matter how small or large the amount of their hard earned investments—3 steps to investing freedom coupled with a solution that has, historically, outperformed the market, has no conflicts of interest and a fee structure that will ROCK Wall Street.

Focus on the long-term

When planning for a financial future, planning alongside raw emotions never work.

Another question I hear a lot is this: How will I know the advice that I’m getting is on target for today’s market?” We have been running along on raw emotions over these last few months. Now, it’s time to stop and think about the longer term.

I use a three-year bucket approach. This means I show you how to set up your investments, so you have at least three years of saved income should there be an unforeseen change in our economy.

You know what your investments are doing because of transparency and as an Alphavest advisor I also know. Remember, there’s an 8-month approach in place where we know beforehand when the market is going to make a dramatic shift and we implement the necessary steps to protect you and your investments.

I believe the solution for capitalizing in today’s market is an active and responsive investment management approach that aims to minimize losses while participating in an upside opportunity. I can show you how this is done quickly, and it is free.

What can you do to assure you are on the right pathway for the future? After you have downloaded the Liberated Investor schedule  a free 15-minute consultation with me.