I actually did major in Finance so I would not get screwed when it comes to investing in the Stock Market, and it has worked! I can show you how to avoid running into the same problems that so many people are battling today, especially in this economy with inflation on the rise.

Watch the video below and then ask ourselves: “Am I stuck?” A lot of people are! They are caught up in “should or should not.” You may be there. You are invested but do you have the right portfolio? Others worry they have not invested early enough.

I always ask: “When is the best day to plant a tree? The best day is today!” Just get started and I can show you how to do this. Download my book The Liberated Investor. It’s free. It will teach you how to respond to the market instead of sitting on the sidelines and also how to avoid conflict with your advisor!

The best advice I can give you today is this: just get started. Get unstuck and get started today whether it is with a Roth or a savings account or an actively managed portfolio like we do at Alphavest. Just get started!

If you have already hit the start button, make sure that your investments are well-balanced. Don’t look at what is behind; focus on the opportunity in front of you and also what is best for you now and in the future. So, let go of the doubt and fear. There are so many good opportunities available just get started!