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American Funds Vs. Vanguard, Here We Go!

American Funds Vs. Vanguard, Here We Go!In a recent Bloomberg article, it was cited that American Funds has seen tremendous drop...

Buffett with a Boost, Nix the Buy and Hold

All the talk about the attributes of Buy and Hold has me nutty! Would I love the almost 20% from an...

Weekly Post: Top 3 Reasons Not To Trade Your Own Account

FOMC meetings/announcements (TODAY!) Buy and Hold rhetoric EVERYWHERE Apple: 52 week high $705, today $460 We’ve got you traded.  

S&P 1700+ Dow 15500+ OF course the BUY & HOLDers are rallying

S&P 1700+ Dow 15500+ OF course the BUY & HOLD supporters are rallying…their re-emergence is a scary indicator of what the...

DIY’ers DON’T Hunt Elk (or invest your retirement account) On Your Own!

 All you Do-It-Yourself’ers out there…this one’s for you. Painting your bathroom yourself, changing a flat tire on your car – these...

American Airlines’ 401k Plan Is Broken—What Are The Chances Yours Could Be Too?

  • August 29, 2013
  • 401k

1300 American Airlines employees have been banned from trading their 401k accounts and an additional 800 warned their ban may be...

Top 3 Reasons to NOT Trade Your Own Account (Week 2)

Syria Apple NOISE If you’re going to DIY—NA (Not Advised), then GL (Get Liberated).  

THE Woman Pioneer of Wall Street’s Legacy Lives On

Muriel “Mickie” Seibert was a tremendous inspiration early on in my career and pioneered the very movement that motivates and inspires...

Top 3 Reasons To NOT Trade Your Own Investments

NASDAQ trading halted. NASDAQ trading halted. NASDAQ trading halted. More reasons to follow….